Where are you now?

  • Stage 1

    Just starting and need more clients.
  • Stage 2

    Want to work for myself.
  • Stage 3

    Ready to open and grow my business.
  • Stage 4

    Serious about long-term business success.
  • Stage 5

    Want to lead a team that runs my business without me.
  • Stage 6

    Achieving my goals and ready for the next challenge.

You’re still new to the industry, don’t yet have enough clients or money, and aren’t earning enough to quit your job to follow your passion. You want to discover if you can make a career out of your passion and if it’s something you’ll truly love doing…

  • Business Size
    < 10 Clients

  • Revenue
    < 1,500/month

You’re a successful trainer but the gym is keeping the lion’s share of your income, and you’re unsure how to market and sell yourself in a competitive environment. You want to break out on your own, keep more of what you earn, and have consistent income…

  • Business Size
    10-25 clients

  • Revenue
    < 3,000/month

You don’t have the foundational systems required to run a successful business. You want a business with great systems, healthy profits, and to start building a team that gives you some relief (whether you currently have a facility or not yet)…

  • Business Size
    20-40+ clients

  • Revenue
    < 5,000/month

You’ve got a business, but it isn’t very successful yet and you’re winging it. You’re struggling with meeting sales targets, financial goals, and being trapped in the day-to-day operations of your business. You’re ready to get serious and commit to a real business plan that will allow you to hit targets, ensure consistent profitability, and get you on the right track towards freedom and continued growth…

  • Business Size
    40-200+ clients

  • Revenue
    > 5,000/month

You have a successful business but haven’t yet achieved your personal financial goals, and your business still depends too much on you to run and hit targets each day. You want to achieve significant long-term financial goals for yourself and your family, and you’re ready to step into a full-time leadership role in your company while building a team that completely runs operations whether you’re there or not. You’re committed to creating more freedom and opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do…

  • Business Size
    40-200+ clients

  • Revenue

You’ve achieved your initial financial goals and now have a bigger dream that you’re not quite sure how to make happen. You want to be inspired by engaging with other elite entrepreneurs and be challenged to grow while living your dream lifestyle.

  • Business Size

  • Revenue

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