6 Group Training Business Models For Your Fitness Business

by Sean Greeley Categories: Fitness Management, Fitness Marketing

We’ve been talking about how to grow your business with more groups for over a week now.

And I imagine we’ll keep talking about it for a while because it’s so important to continue LEVERAGING YOUR TIME… and there is NO better way to do that then by working with more groups.

I want to share with you today 6 of the group models I researched in-depth and reviewed in our new GROUP TRAINING ACCELERATOR program.

But before we dig in, let me just remind you that today is the last day to get your hands on this new resource for the early bird discount rate of just $67.

After today, the price goes up substantially at:


Ok, so let’s get to it…

I’ll give you an overview of the 6 models reviewed in the program, and some very important reasons why you should take a look at each in much closer detail:

Model #1 – 8 or 12 week Group Classes

This is one of the oldest models of all time. Think ‘teacher’ and ‘students’. Essentially you are taking a subject your market wants to learn more about, breaking up the content into 8 or 12 ‘lessons’, and then selling it packaged as ‘workshop’ with bundled education type materials as bonus. Binder, worksheets, audio CD’s, DVD’s etc. There are several other keys to make it work best, and some subjects that work better for this model than others.

Model #2 – 8 or 12 week Private- Group Class “hybrid”

Essentially a repeat of model #1, but blending the group element with alternating weeks of private ‘one-on-one’ time with each student. The time required to fulfill this type of program increases, and therefore the margin is affected somewhat, but generally speaking you can charge more for this type of group than model #1 because of the increased perceived value of ‘access to the coach’. Also a great fit if achieving the goals of your participants in the group really demands some individualized work and attention.

In some cases, the ‘private’ time with coach can be delegated to staff. While the main group classes are taught by principal in the business.

Model #3 – Group training and Boot Camps

They are the hottest thing exploding in the fitness industry right now and for good reason. Highly scalable, incredible leverage and ROI, and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN (and therefore better ‘stick’ and retention of clients) with members.

Of course the fulfillment model and be adjusted to whatever you and your market are into. Crossfit classes, martial arts classes, kettlebell classes, pilates classes, military style boot camps, mommy and me boot camps, sports conditioning boot camps, you-name-it-plug-it-in here.

Model #4 – Semi-Private Training

When on a run several years ago, and has been a quiet ‘sleeper’ model for some time. Simple to adjust to if you are currently offering only private training services.

Instructor to student ratio increases from 1 to 1, to 2,3,4 or 5 to 1. Rate increases, but overall revenue per hour (and more importantly MARGIN) goes up substantially.

Great to sell in an economy where not as many folks can invest in high end private training investments.

Model #5 – Workshops and Clinics (plus ‘camps’)

In all my research, this is a model that not enough businesses are taking advantage of. And adding this in, and doing it right, can really make a massive difference in your bottom line.

How is your facility currently being used on the weekend?

Is it generating as much revenue as during the week?

Take note- find a ‘niche’ topic your market wants to learn more about, typically this works well for sports type markets or technical instruction like Olympic lifting, martial arts techniques, etc.

Offer a weekend ‘clinic’.

Often guest speakers lecturers and ‘celebrity’ talent can be brought in and used to help sell the event.

More details on this in GROUP TRAINING ACCELERATOR.

Model #6 – Feeder Classes

Not really a group in itself, but a great model to sell higher end programs. Essentially you are breaking up a large ticket sale into 1 transactions, sell into a low cost ‘workshop class’ (typically $20-$147), give great content and value. Then offer participants to continue on learning more and working with you by making the investment into the larger, higher priced program.

Big secret here is the feeder class cost investment should be priced to cover all marketing costs. Thereby eliminated all marketing costs for higher end program, and giving you more margin (and net profit) in the big program.

Ok, I leave you with this for the weekend:

“If you are NOT taking advantage of maximizing opportunities to do more with groups right now, you are in danger of losing market share’.

Take action now.

Great resource to help you here:


To your success,

P.S. Now IS the time to offer group programs, and improve all your existing group offers. On Wednesday night’s tele-seminar we had one caller (an Anytime Fitness owner) that we consulted with. And with just a few slight adjustments, she will conservatively DOUBLE her revenue within 60-90 days. If they really get after it aggressively, frankly I wouldn’t be surprised to see those numbers even triple… with a WHOLE lot more net profit to take home.

What were the tweaks, and how can you do the same?

It’s all on the bonus recording from Wednesday. Get it now at (last chance before price goes up) at:


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  • Eddie Frayne

    Hey Sean
    I really want to purchase this program. I presented this program to my bosses about 6 months but financially not a good time. He decided to order this Group Training Exploder package which after listening to you guys is the minor leagues of the Fitness industry.I would like to purchase this but I won’t have my credit card until tomorrow.
    Eddie Frayne


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